Should You Spend £2000 for an LED TV?

Led tv 6People are raving about Panasonic’s new TV, TX-L47WT65B. It is more popularly known as the Smart 2013 Viera, a 3D Smart TV that comes with a lot of features including a built-in webcam and a nifty remote control. Sounds like your kind of TV? Maybe, but wait until you hear about the price. It costs just a little under £2000.  Are you ready to splurge on a TV that will give you an exciting viewing experience?

Smart TVs belong to the higher-end televisions category.  It is not really surprising that this new television is tagged with such a high price.  Although it is a lot of money to spend on a TV set, people who bought it do not mind at all since they are getting a lot of wonderful features with this new model from the top electronics company.

Fully Customizable Experience

Panasonic introduces the users to a robust range of apps that they can install, delete, or move using the Home Screen. The most talked-about apps are the Media Player and the web browser.  These apps are smart additions that enhance the multi-function appeal of this smart TV.  Whether playing videos or music of various media file types or surfing the web and video conferencing, this TV can prove to be indispensable.  As long as there is an available WiFi signal, people can enjoy these functions on their televisions.

This television is customizable and is able to support different ways of control and navigation.  The top electronics company introduces the touchpad remote control that allows users to configure their televisions, navigate through pages of menu, and surf the World Wide Web with a touch. It comes with a Smart Pen for added flexibility. If you do not wish to use your hands, you can use your voice to issue commands.  Yes, this LED TV is SciFi incarnate.

If you do not want to use the remote, or if you need to type, you can use your mobile device as a controller by downloading the Remote App 2. It works wonderfully for Apple Products, but the Android support needs a lot of help.

As an Awesome TV

You’d love this telly because it looks great even when it is on standby mode or is turned off.  The stylish look is courtesy of the unique Metal Air rack that provides an invisible support that makes it appear like the frame is floating.  At the same time, you can turn on the LED light for a blue TV bottom, just in case you want your 47-inch TV to look extra expensive.

The sound is impressive too with the right balance and enough bass to keep things interesting and punchy.  Even more appealing on this LED TVare the 3D and channel streamingfeatures. There is no better reason to want to have this TV than being able to watch more channels using freeviewHD and freesatHD.  Don’t forget the seamless switching from 2D to 3D when your favorite game or movie is on. Dimming is not that awesome, and there are some screen noises, but overall, the true HD colors will still make you hooked to this LED TV.

The verdict is, £2000 pounds is a lot, but you might as well start saving to buy this cool LED TV.

Is Panasonic 2013 Viera a Good LED TV?

Led tv 4TX-L47WT65B is making waves in the Smart TV industry as one of the latest additions to Panasonic’s high-end range of LED TVs. The 47-inch model promises to bring home entertainment systems to greater heights and interested buyers can be skeptical about the lofty features of this LED TV. Is TX-L47WT65B, otherwise known as Smart 2013 Viera,really worth its price?

What Comes With the Price

The stylish look of this LED TV will immediately tell you that you are buying a rather expensive television set. To begin with, it sports a Metal Air rack that makes the TV look like it is suspended in air. It gives buyers the freedom from television racks; and yes, it looks really sleek.

Like any expensive TV, it is designed to bring awe to houseguests. Thanks to the blue LED that illuminates the bottom of the screen, mainly. If you find this feature too distracting, it can easily be turned off.

The TV comes with a built-in webcam that can record video and audio, which is a welcome addition to any Smart TV’s web connectivity feature. It may not be as great as the HD webcams that you are used to, but you are free to attach peripherals.

This Panasonic TV is known for its 3D feature.  The colors in both 2D and 3D are true HD. There are noticeable issues during some panning and rapid image movements, but they are barely distracting, unless you are easily annoyed by the dirty screen effect.

A Closer LookLed tv 5

Consumers face a pricey deal with the TX-L47WT65B, and it looks like the features are worth it. Like Smart TVs do, the TX-L47WT65B boots to a Home Screen. While this is not an original concept in this LED TV, it still is a great addition. For starters, it gives the user immediate access to this television’s list of features. Among the features are the Media Player and an integrated web browser. These add-ons make the entire package neat and efficient. The Media Player makes it possible for you to play a wide variety of videos and music without having to attach your laptop using the HDMI port.  The player supports virtually any kind of media file type. The web browser allows you to use the TV as your computer, especially if you have an awesome keyboard controller.

Another feature that makes this LED TV worth its price of almost £2000 is that it
makes efficient use of the remote control. It is not exactly a remote control though.  It is a touchpad that comes with a Smart Pen, which makes perfect sense when navigating the menus or surfing the web. In addition, the controller responds to voice commands. It recognizes northern accents, and as long as you can speak clearly, this tool will come handy.

Good news for mobile device lovers:  this telly provides support for mobile device integration by downloading Remote App 2. Yes, you can use your touchscreen device as a remote, even as a keyboard.

So, is the 2013 Viera a good TV? No, it is an awesome TV.

What to Look For When Buying a Second Hand LED TV

When you want to buy the latest technology but do not have the budget, buying a second hand LED TV can be a viable alternative. However there are a few things you should look out for to ensure you are getting what you pay for.

1. Is It Too Good To Be True?
If your deal seems too good to be true, it usually is. Though we all want to grab a bargain, make sure you are paying a realistic price for the goods you receive. If the price is too low, then listen to the warning bells that should be ringing in your head. High quality Panasonic LED TV’s will retain a high proportion of their value even in the second hand market. Ask the vendor why the price is affordable and if the answer doesn’t seem to tally, then step away.

2. Check for Signs of Damage
External signs of damage are always going to be the first indication that something is wrong. But don’t just look at the LED TV, have a scan around at other items, even if they are not for sale. If goods are not kept in a good condition, then it can be assumed that the TV has been subject to the same experiences and may not be as good as you first thought.

3. Ask For a Demonstration
Whether you are buying from a store or a private seller, the vendor should always be willing to give you a demonstration. But don’t just take a look at the TV, check the connectivity with external devices and have a go yourself to ensure everything is in full working order. If you are buying online then ensure there is a suitable returns policy or pay with a protected payment form such as PayPal, so that you have the necessary comeback should you need it.

4. Check for the Latest Functionality
Since the change over from analogue to Digital TV signals, many second hand LED TV’s are sold that will not work without a digital converter. Check to see if the set you are buying comes with a Freeview tuner inside. Though it is not a problem to purchase this equipment, it does make the overall cost of the TV higher and will mean extra equipment in the room. Furthermore take a look at the type of input points available. Analogue inputs were all that was need previously, but with more and more connectivity moving over to HDMi, you will need several of these sockets if you have newer equipment to link up.

5. Make Sure You Are Getting a Good Deal
With the premium price for new LED TV’s falling almost daily, though you may think you are getting a good deal on a second hand model, it may actually be cheaper to get a brand new one. Panasonic lead the way in the LED TV market yet a lot of their brand new products are still considerably cheaper than more costly second hand versions. Make sure the product you are buying has the functionality that will suit you. Sometimes it is cheaper to buy a modest new LED TV that exactly suits your needs rather than buying an all singing all dancing second hand TV that you simply won’t use.